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What a joke. No one at any of these places has a clue what they are doing.

After visits at three different locations searching for someone who had a clue, I decided to cancel my membership. But you can’t do it over the phone. You have to cancel it in person, at the location you signed up at.

It felt like trying to get out of a timeshare or a network marketing contract. Do yourself a favor and go to a real chiropractor.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Location: 8240 Preston Rd Suite #165, Plano, TX 75024, USA

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Krisalyn Rbb

I wasn't even told I couldn't do it over the phone, when I called to cancel they acted like it was no problem. They even sent me text with new offers to come back. It wasn't until I looked at my credit card statement till I realized they had been charging me for months!!!


Having issues with them now. Their wellness plan, which they make you sign up for the first two months upfront, was verbally cancelled at the location, back in Dec2021, as they state your are required to do.

No issues, walked out knowing I would not be visiting again. They snuck a charge in in Jan2022, which I didn't catch. Now, they are trying again for Feb, as I have a pending charge dated today, on my bank account. I call them to advise of their error, they tell me that I was supposed to have filled out a cancellation form.

Not on their site, and definitely not being advised by the people at the counter. Had I known I needed to complete a form, I would have done so when I standing in front of them. Now, I have to cancel my card to cut them off from access to funds, dispute the charge with my bank. I will also be going into their location today, to file out this form that they are not telling clients about when they are trying to cancel with them.

None the less, they no longer have access my account and will not be charging anything going forward. Will never do business with this company again, and will ensure anyone I come across knows about the deceptive tactics they attempt to employ to make cancelling with them a mess.


Cut rate terrible Chiropractors that had no where else to go.


True, you can't cancel by phone.

Jaedin Oxu

I was told I couldn't cancel my membership for 6 months. So I pay 19.00 a month for no Service.

Very irritating. How do I cancel my membership without paying the 19.00??


I agree. The front desk person had no clue what they were doing.

They couldn't get their words straight. It's a great deal if you can see yourself getting adjusted all the time. BUT, but "chiropractor" was a lot smaller than I am, in height and build. So it was a struggle for some of the adjustments.

Talk about awkward. But i canceled within 24 hours and live 40 minutes from the location, they told me I had to come in and refused and had them send me the cancelation paperwork via email and somehow they didn't receive it when I sent the electronic signature 3 different times.

It's like they want you to come to convince you not to cancel. I also still have NOT received a refund...

Emberlynn Vdw

I tried to cancel last month, and received an email saying it had been canceled. Got charged TODAY for $69.


Yeah, trying over the phone is nearly impossible. I have been trying for a month. They say they will call you back, ha!


Well, for example, medical billing. You can easily contact a medical billing company online.

In my opinion this is also an option. By the way, I know one great medical billing company.

Here is a link to their website https://www.ihsbilling4chiro.com/. If you are interested in this issue, you can simply refer to their website.

Haley Hqn

if i cancel is there any charges?


Called and asked for my account to be frozen. Was told that it was frozen. Got charged $79 today anyway.

Haley Hqn
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do you pay a cancellation fee?


So I was given 3 cards for three free visits As an enticement to sign up. but when I wanted to use them they told Me I had to use them the first month and now I had to pay for the adjustment.

She said it was on the back of the card. What a joke and scam.

Cancelled my membership. Not going back and would not recommend because they tell you things to get u to sign up and then it ends up costing you more in the long run.


I agree no accommodations to help make it convenient and they hope to keep you as a customer?!

Angel G Txa

After 3 visits I was in so much more pain than I was initially. I finally went to a real chiropractor and found out due to the inexperience/ negligence of the joint I now have a torn ligament.

I tried to cancel my membership online and they continue to try and charge my note cancelled card.

They recently sent me a bill for almost $300 claiming past dues. I refuse to go to the place in person because I KNOW I will not be able to contain my rage.


Same issue here.


I'm in the same situation. Started last month.

The first couple of visits weren't bad then they lost their minds. It's clear they get you to purchase a contract then the service goes to crap.

I was told today, per "corporate policy" I have to go in person to cancel. I have the contract in hand and nowhere does it say that so we shall see.


After my first visit ,i can't walk straight ,sense then i can back and now i saw on my bank statement $59 dollar charge for NO treatment at all, that's a shame.


I have been a member for 2 years at the Santee location and love The Joint! The staff is super friendly and explain the wellness plan to me and even gave me a copy of the membership, so I can read more about it at home.

It not their fault if you cannot read the fine print of a contract you are willingly signing!!

I work at 24 hour, and deal with this all the time. At the end of the day Its just irresponsible to blame someone else for your lack of reading, so don't be an *** and read the contract you are signing, I promise all the information is there !!

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For someone who claims to be well “adjusted”, you seem very angry. As your attorney I advise you to find a real chiropractor to improve your mood and reduce the urge to troll.

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